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You were just about to visit a website that is powered by the dutch academic publisher Elsevier, and we at Bahnhof would just like to say a couple of things about that company before you proceed.

On the 10th of October this year Elsevier filed a lawsuit against us and six other Swedish ISPs, since our internet services can be used to visit websites with illegal access to texts that Elsevier are copyright holders of. Instead of thwarting the websites giving illegal access to the texts, Elsevier has chosen to sue us for providing our customers with an internet connection and demand that we block the file sharing sites in our network, or pay a fine of 500 000 Swedish kronor ( ≈ 48 500 EUR).

Bahnhof opposes to censorship in every way, shape and form, but it looks like we won't be able to dodge Elsevier's blocking requirement. That's why we have placed this barrier in front of Elsevier's website - to make sure that they themselves also get a taste of the blocking they're currently evoking against others. And while we're here we'd like to tell you about the website you were just about to visit, and the organization behind it.

A few facts about Elsevier

Elsevier is a dutch company that processes academic papers for universities and scientific institutes. Board members of universities share stories about Elsevier's oligopoly within this sphere which pinions users, deprives scientists of the right to their own papers and demands large sums of money for simple services. In 2017 alone, Swedish scientists paid 120 million kronors in licensing fees and 13 million kronors in publishing fees to Elsevier. More and more universities are now terminating their cooperation with Elsevier, and the papers and articles on Elsevier's site have been published on websites with free access as a protest and a temporary solution. Elsevier are working against an open and fair access to information and science, and are prohibiting universities with lesser means from taking part of topical articles and conducting research. Their business model is also constructed in such a way that the universities and research institutes must pay even to access their own papers, because they have been published through Elsevier.

These are the board members of Elsevier

Suzanne BeDell
Marcia Balisciano
YoungSuk 'YS' Chi
John Danaher
Hannfried von Hindenburg Nikunj Jinsi
Beverly Malone
Emilie Marcus
Ron Mobed
Geraldine Richmond

This is what's going on behind the scenes of the website you wanted to visit. If you're still interested in proceeding to, you can click the button below:

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